Billy and Kate - aged 6 and 5

Billy is a happy sociable boy, with brown hair and blue eyes. Kate is a lively, confident girl with blonde hair and blue eyes. They suffered neglect in their birth family, but have settled well with their foster carers. Billy enjoys school, where he is doing well and has made many friends. He has recently learnt to ride a bike, which has boosted his confidence. He can be withdrawn at times and can have trouble sharing problems, but he is learning to trust his carers and adults. Kate also likes school and is doing increasingly well there. She is active and sociable with everyone, but needs to learn some stranger awareness.

Billy and Kate need a two parent family with a strong support network around them, to meet their needs. They need to be the only children in the family. Adoptive parents would need to be able to particularly help Billy come to terms with past traumas in his life.

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