Jackie and Colin's experience

Jackie and Colin adopted their daughter five years ago. Colin had twin boys from a previous marriage and when they left home the couple decided that they would like a family of their own. Here they tell us about their experience of the application and assessment process.

Jackie said, “We heard an advert on the radio promoting an adoption information evening. We went along and were convinced that adoption was what we both wanted to do.

"A social worker from the Adoption Team arranged to visit us in our home to discuss our interest in more depth. I remember feeling a little giddy and nervous before the visit, but we were soon put at ease. We had a long discussion about adoption, and how it would impact upon our lives. She explained the application process including details of the assessment and training that we would have to complete.

“After considering the reality of adoption seriously, Colin and I decided to formally apply to become adopters.”

“A member of the Adoption Team visited us a number of times to ask us lots of questions about our lives, our pasts and feelings about adoption. Our social worker immediately became like a member of our family and it felt like we were talking to a close friend. By the end of the process our social worker knew everything about our lives, in fact we often joked that she knew more about us than we did.

“When the report was completed we went to the Adoption Panel, which was scary, because we knew that these people were going to be making a decision that would change the rest of our lives. It was a wonderful feeling when we were approved – a real mixture of emotions, we were both laughing and crying at the same time!”

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