Kathy and Tara - aged 3 and 1

Kathy is an energetic girl, with brown hair and blue eyes. Tara is a placid baby with a lovely smile. There were concerns around domestic violence and neglect in their birth family. They have been with their foster carers since August 2010.

Kathy's speech was initially delayed and although she still struggles with pronunciation of words she has made good progress and is displaying age appropriate development. Although her behaviour can be demanding at times, Kathy is a rewarding child to care for. Tara is meeting all of her developmental milestones and is walking and saying a few words. There is the possibility that she may develop a genetic condition that may cause learning and behavioural problems.

Kathy and Tara need a two parent family who have the energy to build strong healthy attachments with them. They would benefit from being the only children in the family. Their new family would have to be able to accept the uncertainties in relation to Tara's development.

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