Nicola and Andy's experience

Nicola and Andy were approved as adopters in 2010 and were matched with their daughter in early 2011. Here they tell us about their experiences during the matching process.

Nicola said, “Once we were approved, came the hard part – waiting for the right child for us! You have to believe that the right child will be in the system at the same time you are and that you are both on a journey towards finding each other. You may be matched with a child in 2 weeks, or it could take 2 years, in our case it took 5 months.

“Details about Andy and I were distributed to many other adoption agencies across the country, to see whether they had a child suitable for us. Eventually an agency contacted our social worker about a child. We read the information about the child and were keen to explore this potential match further.

“We met the child’s social worker who wanted to get to know us better. We also had many questions about the child, to ensure that we were 100% confident that we were making the right decision. We left the meeting to carefully consider this huge life changing decision, and eventually decided that we would like to be considered as the new family for this child.”

Andy said, “Eventually all the social workers involved agreed that we would be a good match. We went to the Panel, who would make a recommendation about our match. We were both very nervous, as this was the biggest meeting we would ever have to attend. I don’t remember much of the meeting, as all we wanted was the outcome which was a recommendation that we could became parents to our new baby daughter. We were so excited. I remember texting our family and friends a picture of her and then we went out and bought her a pram.”

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