Rachel's experience

Rachel was adopted by her family in 2007. Here she tells us about what it was like when she first met her new parents.

Rachel said, “When I was told by my foster carer that I was going to be adopted, I felt a little scared, because I didn’t know what would happen. She showed me a book all about my new family. The book was full of photos and information all about my new Mum and Dad, it even had some photos of my new bedroom in it.

“When it was time to meet my new Mum and Dad for the first time, I was very nervous. But when I saw them and talked to them I felt a lot happier. We all sat down and had a photograph taken of us together. This was to be our first family photograph, which my new Mum and Dad put in a nice frame.

“Over the next couple of weeks, I spent time every day with my new parents. This gave them time to get to know my routines and for me to get used to them. On moving in day, I felt nervous and I had butterflies in my tummy, but once I got to the house and saw my bedroom, I felt ok.

“I love this family, because they care and love me in a safe way and I trust them and they trust me.”

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