Bringing up any child can be difficult and challenging and bringing up an adopted child may present more challenges than a birth child. To help support you bring up an adopted child, Doncaster Council offers a range of support services to adoptive families that includes:

Access to a named social worker

The social worker who assessed you will support you after your child comes to live with you. They will remain in contact with you until after the Adoption Order is granted, and will then be available for extra support should you need it.

Phone support

During the day there is a duty worker from the Adoption Team available to offer support and answer any queries you may have.

Support groups

We run a regular support group for adopters which provides an opportunity to come together, meet other adopters and offer support and advice to one another.


We produce a regular newsletter, which provides you with information and keeps you up to date with news and events as well as some more light hearted fun and games.


Sometimes you may need assistance from other teams and agencies, such as health, education or the disability team. We can provide links to these teams and work with you to access the support that they offer.

Adoption social events

We hold a series of regular social events for adopters and their children, which includes a Christmas party with food and a children's entertainer as well as an annual summer picnic. All adoptive families are welcome to join in the fun.

Letterbox contact

If it is in the best interests of the child that you adopt, they may continue to have indirect contact via post with members of their birth family. Doncaster Council will support you and facilitate this service.

Financial support

In some cases, financial support may be made available to families if they adopt a child with specific needs. A financial assessment of your circumstances would have to be completed and considered.

Take the first steps towards adopting a child and call us on 0345 1120012 or click on the 'make an enquiry' link.

For other enquiries regarding adoption, call our support team on 01302 734333.