What about the birth family?

Adopters are encouraged to be open and honest with children about their adoption, and to bring them up so that they have always been aware that they were adopted and have a different birth family.  


If it is in their best interest, some children may have different types of contact with members of their birth family, this may be with parents or it could involve grandparents, siblings or other significant family members.

The most common form of contact is the Letterbox service, which allows indirect correspondence between a birth family and the adopted child. Letters and cards can be exchanged which come through and are checked by a member of the Adoption Team, before being forwarded on. Occasionally direct contact with a birth relative may be agreed if it is in the child’s best interest.

We will discuss all possible contact arrangements with prospective adopters during the matching process to ensure you are happy and comfortable with the arrangements.

Tracing birth relatives

Once an adopted person reaches the age of 18 they are legally entitled to see their original birth certificate and read their adoption file which will contain details about their birth family. If they wish, the adopted adult can try to trace their birth family.

The birth family can register their interest in getting in touch with their birth child through an adoption agency. They will then try to contact the adopted person. It is then up to the adopted person whether they wish to make contact with their birth family. The birth family cannot make direct initial contact with an adopted child.

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