Your questions answered

Why do you carry out checks?

The Adoption Team have to carry out a number of checks on all applicants. A free medical with your doctor will ensure that you are fit and healthy enough to adopt. We have to carry out checks with the police and probation service to ensure that people we approve are suitable to look after children. You will be asked to nominate three referees, (close friends and family members) who know you well and can comment on your ability to parent a child.

What is an Adoption Panel?

The Adoption Panel is a group of people with relevant experience of social work and adoption. They consider applications to adopt, make recommendations about the suitability of applicants and approve adoption matches. You will be invited to attend Panel with your adoption social worker when any decisions are made about you.

What is parental responsibility?

Parental responsibility refers to all the rights, duties, powers and responsibilities which a parent has in relation to their child. The process of adoption sees parental responsibility transferred from the child’s birth family, to the local authority and then on to the adoptive parents. Once the Adoption Order is granted, the adoptive parents have full parental responsibility for the child.

How will I be introduced to the child?

Before you meet the child who you want to adopt, you will be given all the details about their life, character, personality and you will also see photographs and maybe a DVD of them. Following this, a period of planned introductions will be drawn up, which usually lasts over two weeks. You will start off by visiting the foster carer’s home and gradually getting more involved in the child’s life and routines. The child will then visit your home and begin to spend more time with you. The idea of the introductions is to gradually allow the child to move away from the foster carer to the prospective adopters as the main care givers.

What is an Adoption Order?

An Adoption Order is granted by a court when they believe that it is appropriate for a family to take on full parental responsibility for a child. It has the effect of legally severing all ties between the child and their birth parents. The prospective adoptive parents make an application to the court for the Adoption Order. The prospective adopters and child attend the court to hear the Order being made. Once the Order is made, a new birth certificate for the child will be produced, with the adopters listed as the child’s parents. An Adoption Order can be made any time up to a child’s 19th birthday.

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