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We are part of Doncaster Children's Services Trust. As of January 2021 the adoption services from all South Yorkshire councils and Doncaster Children’s Services Trust joined together to deliver adoption services as part of a new regional adoption agency called One Adoption South Yorkshire.

One Adoption South Yorkshire also includes -

  • Barnsley Council
  • Rotherham Council
  • Sheffield City Council

As part of One Adoption South Yorkshire we will also have closer links with and be able to share expertise and best practice with One Adoption North and Humber and One Adoption West Yorkshire who have already formed regional adoption agencies in the same way we are doing. Please see the One Adoption website for more information.

Over the next few months you will start to see some changes to our website and how you contact us but for the time being please contact us in the usual way.

We have a very clear focus. We believe that every child and young person in the borough deserves the best start in life and support when they need it to reach their full potential. We will support all children and young people who need help in the borough, at times of need or crisis in their lives. Part of this includes providing adoption and fostering services.

At any one time there are 20 children in Doncaster who cannot be brought up with their birth family and need to be adopted. Adoption provides a stable, loving and permanent family home.

When you adopt a child you agree to care for them emotionally, financially and physically as if they were your own. Adoption is a legal process in which parental responsibility is transferred to the adoptive parents. Adoption is for life and the child will become part of your family forever.

This is a big decision to make and one that will not only change the child’s life for the better, but will alter your life in every way. We understand that choosing to adopt a child is not a decision that can be made easily and aim, as a Trust, to ensure you have the right information and support when considering adopting a child.

If you are in the South Yorkshire area and are interested in adopting, please get in touch with us on the details below. 

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